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Is Your Bag Causing Neck and Back Pain? Here’s How to Fix It

For most of us, a handbag is a lot more than just an accessory. It’s more of storage where we keep everything that we may need on a hangout with friends or at work.

From wallets, cell phone, make up accessories, snacks, laptops, and water bottle to even clothes sometimes—we make sure our bag has everything we may need while we are out. With all that weight, unfortunately, our bag can be one the biggest culprits behind our neck and back pain.

As predicted by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), over 80% of population in the United States will experience back pain once in their lifetime. The amount of pressure we put on our shoulders in the form of over-loaded bags can lead to severe and chronic pain in the long run.

If you’ve been struggling with a mysterious pain in your back or neck, you might want to check on all the stuff that you’re keeping in your handbag. Here are some ways your handbag could be harming your spine and how you can deal with it.

Your Bag Is Heavier Than What Your Shoulders Can Carry

Sure, you want to be prepared for everything the day might throw at you, but you’re also putting excessive burden on your hip bones, sciatic nerve, and shoulders. Before you step out, try taking out some items that may not be of any use for the day. For instance, you could just keep one lip color that you really use, instead of an entire make up pouch that you keep “just in case” you may need something.

It’s Ideal to Use a Backpack


A backpack distributes the weight equally across both shoulders, if you wear it the right way. If carrying a backpack hurts your fashion sense and attire for-the-day, carry a comfortable handbag with good grip. Go for bags that have shoulder pads on the handles, so your shoulder muscles don’t get strained.

Change the Sides You Carry Your Bag On

We get into the habit of carrying shoppers and hand bags on one shoulder. For instance, you may be used to of carrying your handbag on the right shoulder—particularly, if you’re right handed. However, burdening one side for longer period can cause that side of the shoulder to roll down excessively. This causes the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your neck and upper back to stretch more than they should, leading to severe chronic pain and other conditions like TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome).

Closely watch for any signs of problems in your body. If you feel numbness or pain in your hands, back, shoulders, and arms too often or consistently, consider seeing a chiropractor. You can book an appointment with some of the best Kentucky Family Chiropractors at Shelby County Chiropractic.

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