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4 Signs Your Back Pain Is A Serious Problem

4 Signs Your Back Pain Is A Serious Problem

Back pain is an accepted fact of life for so many adults. People who work in offices are familiar with the dull ache in the shoulder region that’s characteristic of a stressful work week. Women, in particular, have to deal with back pain because of PMS or other gynecological problems.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should take back pain lightly. The spine, the muscles around it, and the surrounding structures are sensitive and can sustain long-term damage if an underlying problem is going untreated.

To get effective chiropractic treatment for your back pain, you need to flag it as serious as well. Here are five signs that your back pain needs professional attention.

Your Functionality Is Affected

A good rule of thumb for figuring out if any physiological issue requires proper medical attention is if it disturbs your functionality. While the severity of any medical problem can vary, how it affects your quality of life is something you should always consider.

Even if the cause of your back pain isn’t a severe surgical problem, chiropractic treatment may still be in order because you need the extra support.

You’ve Had A Recent Severe Injury

If you’re experiencing a new kind of back pain after you’ve been through a recent traumatic injury, it’s worth getting checked by a doctor. Back injuries, in particular, can take time to heal, and your surgeon may recommend consistent chiropractic care to resolve residual pain and stiffness.

Never ignore back pain if it occurs after a severe injury because it could be a sign that there is still some damage in the area that has not been treated.

It’s Severe and Progressive

If the pain keeps getting worse and is so bad that you can’t think of anything else, you should make seeing a chiropractor or GP a priority. When back pain is progressively worse, the underlying cause may be increasing in intensity. It’s your body’s cry for help, and you should pay attention to that!

Weakness or Numbness In Your Legs

Back pain, in conjunction with weakness and numbness in your appendages, could be a sign of pressure on tendons and nerves. Spine misalignment can be the root cause of this, but this symptom should be taken very seriously, even if it’s not.

If you’ve been feeling any of these symptoms, head to Shelby Country Family Chiropractic for affordable chiropractic care in Shelbyville, KY. We offer advanced back pain relief treatments and chiropractic care for headaches, hip, and shoulder pain.

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