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There are many names for it from Kinesio tape, K Tape, KT Tape Kinesiology tape, or Theraband tape. The tape helps to reduce pain and tightness, and it can also aid in lymphatic drainage to decrease inflammation. The tape can be applied to many different areas and ways on the body to help reduce inflammation, prevent injury, and aid in injury recovery.

Since the development of the tape in 1979 it has become widely recommended in both medicine and athletics. Many professional such and weekend warriors use the tape to prevent and to recover from both serious to minor injuries. The benefits of the tape can relieve pain, and muscle cramping, along with increase range of motion of joints.

The application over the joint is a non-restrictive tape that does not inhibit the joint movement but rather facilitate correct joint movement. Therapeutic tape can be applied to all soft tissue injuries and it is not just for athletes. Most chiropractic conditions can be improved with the use of Therapeutic Tape.