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Vibration Therapy

Shelby County Chiropractic presents an exciting new approach to treat joint pain, low back pain, and stiffness. Vibration therapy is an amazing therapy designed to help muscles, ligament, and joint problems. Many sport teams such as Bayern Munich, fitness professional, and healthcare professional utilize this therapy to enhance rehabilitation from pain and injuries.

Vibration therapy allows the muscle to contact and expand involuntarily through speed and frequency. This involuntary resistance created by vibration to your body for only 15 minutes day will actually deliver the equivalent of weight training exercise in the gym. This therapy exercises the whole body at once instead of a specific muscle group. Gym workouts typically use repetitive movements that only engage approximately 40% of the muscle fibers where as vibration therapy will stimulate nearly 100%.

Benefits of vibration therapy include increased bone density, improve flexibility, create better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and reduce pain and stiffness in your back and joints of your body, along with increases muscle strength.