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Say Goodbye to Congestion: Get Your Sinus Adjusted

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night because of a strange loud noise!

Angrily, you try to figure out what it is that woke you up from your peaceful slumber. After a few seconds, you realize it is your partner snoring loudly.

How annoying!

For you, maybe it is, but for your partner, it is quite an uncomfortable and unhealthy experience because snoring is caused by sinus.

Let’s take a look at what sinus is and how it affects your health!


It is a medical condition in which the nasal muscles swell up creating congestion in the nose. This leads to difficulty in breathing for the patient. During the daytime, the patient experiences breathing disorders. In the night time, the automatic reflex of the body flares up which kicks in breathing from the mouth.

As a result, a loud snoring noise is created which leads to disruptive sleeping patterns. Overall, the disadvantages of Sinus can create major difficulties in your day to day activities.

Effects of Sinus on Your Routine!

1. Lack of Concentration

The biggest issue related to sinus is the restraint that you feel while breathing. Due to this problem, the oxygen does not reach your brain properly. This in turn, results in poor concentration levels. You can barely focus on your work during the day due to the reduced level of oxygen that your brain receives.

2. Impaired Mental Ability

Many people use medicine that can reduce the effects of Sinus. However, the continued use of such medication can result in a compromised mental capacity. You will notice that your ability to think or figure out things quickly slows down due to excessive and prolonged use of pills! You need a non-invasive treatment for sinus to prevent any adverse effects to your brain.

3. Constant Headache

chiropractic treatment for headaches

Many people prefer chiropractic treatment for headaches. Several times, this headache is not an independent issue. It is a pronounced symptom of the prolonged sinus. An expert chiropractor can easily recognize this issue. In fact, you can even avail treatment for sinus through chiropractics!

Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus

Sinus patients can use chiropractic therapy for relieving the more pronounced symptom of Sinus.

The sinuses of your body comprise of eight hollow spaces in the forehead, cheeks and temple bones. Sinuses that are not infected have a moist lining of mucus which allows for easy and proper filtration of the air passing through the sinuses.

Patients with a sinus infection, suffer from inflamed mucus linings. Due to this, the air is not filtered and breathing becomes tough.

Through the massage of the vertebrae and the neck, sinuses can experience proper drainage which leads to a reduction in inflammation of the mucus! As a consequence, your sinusitis is almost completely relieved through chiropractic methods!

Chiropractic treatment in Louisville is quite common! Shelby County Chiropractic experts have been serving the Louisville residents for years! The chiropractic doctors on our team have the best solutions for your sinus! Visit us today or contact us through our website to book an appointment with us and change your lifestyle for good!


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