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How Athletes Benefit from Vibration Therapy

How Athletes Benefit from Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy has divided people over time. While it isn’t a replacement for your regular fitness routine and exercise, vibration therapy offers some benefits that you can take advantage of.

Athletes often add vibration therapy to their workout regimen as a way to recuperate and keep their muscles warmed up for the intense exercise.

Vibration therapy can be of two different types:

  • Whole-body vibration therapy: For this, you’ll be asked to stand or sit on a vibrating platform that will stimulate your entire body. It is said to benefit people of all ages and fitness levels; improving balance, flexibility, and adding to the strength of your bones.
  • Localized vibration therapy: This involves a hand-held vibrating device that is placed over the parts of your body that require it, like thighs or arms. While the intensity and direction of the vibrations primarily dictate its effectiveness, it does work to enhance circulation and blood flow.

How can athletes benefit from it?

By adding vibration therapy to their routine, athletes can enjoy these benefits:

Warming up

Localized vibration therapy acts similarly to stretching—by increasing your circulation and stimulating your muscles and joints—so it would be a good option to use to warm up before a big game or day of training.

Localized vibration therapy

Pain relief

Alleviation of pain is a benefit of vibration therapy that athletes can get particular help from. Soreness and muscle pain after a grueling day are inevitable; not only does the vibration reduce the pain, it disrupts the pain signals sent to your body and can diminish the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Greater flexibility

Athletes rely on their body’s range of movement to succeed; vibration therapy can improve this by reducing the soreness and tension in muscles, relieving inflammation in the joints as well.

Greater flexibility

Better blood flow

The steady vibrations of the hand-held device can not only improve the circulation of blood, but can also reduce the accumulation of excess water through lymphatic drainage.

Increase bone density  

Research has suggested the efficacy of vibration therapy for improving bone density and strength. It has been stated that vibration therapy improves the mineral density in the bones, aiding in bone density and strength.

With a range of benefits that athletes can derive from it, vibration therapy serves as an equivalent to weight training that relaxes and contracts the muscles and engages all muscle groups in your body.

You don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of all these benefits, we’re here to cater to all your personalized chiropractic care needs. Our experts at Shelby County Chiropractic—Dr. Stapleton DC and Dr. Yadon DC—will assess your condition and customize a regimen that works especially for you.

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