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ArthroStim Adjustment

ArthroStim Adjustment: How Does It Work?

Adjustments using specialized instruments are gaining popularity among patients and practitioners of chiropractic due to its ease of use and safety features.

What is ArthroStim Adjustment?

As part of instrument assisted adjustments, ArthroStim adjustment has paved a new way in chiropractic treatments. This method is performed by a handheld instrument which helps your chiropractor in modulating the force applied during the treatment in an effective manner.

Most people feel uneasy when their joints and trigger points are being ‘popped’ during traditional chiropractic treatments. ArthroStim helps patients feel comfortable as it does not make popping and cracking sounds during an adjustment.

While ArthroStim treatment is being performed, the chiropractor can exert the right amount of pressure needed to make the adjustments in your spinal cord and in other parts of the body. By using this instrument, chiropractors can increase the force, starting from a few ounces to up to 40 pounds. Moreover, these thrusts can focus on small areas helping your chiropractor reach body parts that are otherwise difficult to reach through manual adjustment treatments.

How Does the ArthroStim Instrument Work?

To understand how ArthroStim works, you would first need to understand how chiropractic treatments in general work.

Chiropractic adjustments create thrusts that trigger neural receptors of the affected area. These receptors then send signals to the brain about the pressure being exerted on the damaged area which is induced by these adjustments. The brain then sends commands to the muscular system to initiate the healing process within the body.

ArthroStim works on the same principle, but at a faster rate. As opposed to a single thrust being given by a chiropractor manually, this tool can deliver increments of 12 to 14 thrusts per second.

The energy is divided between these increments that would have been given by a single thrust in one go. With the help of these administered repetitive motions, receptors take less time and effort to deliver information to the brain.

The instrument itself looks like a drill and is also held like one. Undergoing instrument adjustment, such as ArthroStim adjustment, has lesser side-effects than that of a manual adjustment. You will also notice the difference between muscle soreness after an ArthroStim adjustment.

This newest advancement in chiropractic treatment is being offered at Shelby County Chiropractic in Shelbyville, Louisville, KY. Our founders, Dr. James Stapleton DC and Dr. William Yadon DC, believe in making sure that their patients understand the process of ArthroStim adjustment before starting the treatment.

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