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An old man doing exercise with a resistance band

Theraband Tape: A Revolution in Physical Therapy

Therabands or resistance bands are lightweight yet extremely flexible bands used for physical therapies. They’re also used in exercise regimes to challenge strength and build muscles. These bands are extremely cost-effective and user-friendly.

Resistance bands are usually made of latex, but people who are allergic to the material can try out other varieties. Physical therapists and chiropractors in Shelbyville believe that these bands are a game-changer for people who want to exercise in a fun way.

Continue reading this piece to learn more about the benefits of a theraband.


Benefits Of Theraband

There are numerous benefits of using resistance bands, such as including them in an exercise regime or for physical therapy.


· Strengthening and Toning Muscles

When a person needs physical therapy or has to visit a chiropractor, it implies that their body needs to get better—and most experts recommend that they make theraband a part of their daily exercise routine.


· Restoring Functionality

Usually, physical therapists provide a resistance band to patients struggling to restore functionality. The resistance band is an effective solution for physical therapy needs and ensures that the patient can strengthen their muscles and restore functionality as quickly as possible.


A woman doing leg exercises with a theraband


· Challenging Strength

Although lightweight, these bands are extremely durable. Their elasticity combined with their sturdiness makes them an amazing tool to challenge your muscle strength. They offer resistance when stretched, and this in turn challenges your muscles.


· Correcting Posture

These bands challenge your core when you do a full-body workout. They also aid in correcting posture, which might be a major cause of muscle aches and joint pains. These resistance bands increase blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body besides correcting posture. This positively affects the health of the person using them.


· Safe and Pocket-Friendly

Therabands are inexpensive, and they’re also safer than other exercise equipment. Chiropractors recommend using them when they ask their patients to follow up on exercises to speed up the recovery process.

These bands are truly revolutionary for chiropractic exercise therapy as they are extremely easy to use.


Other Benefits of a Theraband

Apart from these numerous health benefits, therabands are helpful in other ways too.

  • They’re portable and can be carried everywhere. This makes them efficient for patients who are undergoing physical therapy when going to the gym might be a hassle.
  • They’re extremely flexible, which means they won’t break easily while you’re using them.
  • They’re available in different colors and resistance options. Yellow offers the least resistance, while black is the most challenging to work with.

Do you believe a theraband just might be the ultimate solution to all your muscle aches? Get in touch with Dr. James Stapleton for a Shelbyville family chiropractic consultation to start using a resistance band the right way.

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