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How Is The Thompson Technique Different From Other Chiropractic Practices?

Chronic pain is a common condition that can affect both younger and older people. Seeking chiropractic treatment is a great way to decrease the severity of chronic pain. Electrical stimulation, laser therapy and the Thompson technique are just some practices your chiropractor may use.

The Thompson technique was created in the early 1950s and is still used today as an effective chiropractic treatment. Here is what makes it unique and why you should consider getting it done.


What Makes The Thompson Technique Different?

This technique uses a piece of equipment called the drop-table, which holds one’s body up with the help of tension. This technique is set apart from other chiropractic services because it manipulates the leg joints using precision. They check your leg length throughout the treatment to determine any stiffness in the body.

Fast yet low-force thrusts are delivered to areas of the spine, causing the table to drop. This gentle drop can help the chiropractor make spinal adjustments effectively.


Benefits Of The Thompson Technique

May Help With Pain Relief

Spinal imbalances can put pressure or pinch your nerves, causing pain in different areas of the body. If this isn’t taken care of, it can lead to serious nerve damage in the long run. The Thompson technique manipulates your spine, removing any stiffness in the joints.

Studies show that the Thompson technique and other chiropractic procedures can remove pain as effectively as pain medication.

Improves Body Movement

Joint stiffness can limit your joint mobility, especially if you are dealing with stress-related pain. Chronic pain may also affect the way your body functions, making it hard for one to carry out everyday tasks. The Thompson technique releases tension from your joints, making it easier for you to move around. This treatment can be a great way to improve your flexibility.

Great For Improving Posture

Lower back pain can be both caused and worsened by bad posture. Let’s be honest; it can be hard to maintain good posture while hunched over your laptop. Conditions like a curved neck can affect your posture and lead to neck pain in the long term.

Your chiropractor will keep adjusting your spine while using the Thompson technique, ensuring your legs are at equal length. You may notice an immediate improvement in your posture after this procedure.

Can Relax Tense Muscles

You don’t need to be dealing with chronic pain to get chiropractic treatments like the Thompson technique done. If you feel tensed due to a hard week at work or after an intense workout, seeking chiropractic care can help relax your body.

This procedure is also a good way to improve your flexibility and overall strength


 Chiropractor using the Thompson technique on a client with chronic pain


The Thompson Treatment And Other Chiropractic Techniques Can Help With Chronic Pain

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