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What is a Therapeutic Tape Therapy, and Is It Really Effective?

Also known as the Kinesio taping therapy, this method can reduce inflammation, relax tired muscles, and decrease pain. It’s a flexible tape that stabilizes ligaments, joints, and muscles as they extend, bend, and contract. The tape provides stiff support to limit movement.

Chiropractors use this tape to stabilize joints, support the body’s healing process, relieve pain, improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation, and relax overused muscles. Many professional athletes wear this tape for support during matches or events.

If you want to try this technique, then we’re the best chiropractor in Shelbyville, KY, to get the treatment. Many of our clients opt for this technique to relieve chronic pain.

Here’s how therapeutic tape therapy is effective.


How does Therapeutic Tape Therapy Relieves Pain?

The tape is made of nylon and cotton, mimicking the skin’s elasticity. The tape enables the person to use a full range of motion. It has a medical-grade adhesive that can stay in place for up to 5 days.

Therapeutic tape relieves the pain by making space in the joint. It reduces joint irritation leading to a reduction in chronic pain. The tape also manipulates the sensory nervous system by sending different information about compression and pain.

This tape also improves blood circulation and reduces swelling if you have any. The tape basically creates subcutaneous space that changes the pressure gradient under the skin. When the pressure changes, the lymphatic flow automatically improves.


What Is Therapeutic Tape Therapy Used For?


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Therapeutic therapy tape is widely known and used for many purposes. Here’s why it’s mainly used:

  • Supporting weak zones
  • Treating injuries
  • Improving overall performance
  • Realigning the muscles
  • Reducing scars


When Should You Avoid Using Therapeutic Tape Therapy?

Although it’s quite effective, there are some instances when you must avoid using tape therapy.

For instance, tape therapy is not good for diabetic patients as it can reduce sensation in some areas. A person must avoid using tape therapy on fragile skin as it can tear easily. Apart from it, the tape has an adhesive that can trigger allergies, so don’t use it if you’re prone to a reaction.

This therapy should be avoided on open wounds as well. Tape therapy can also increase swelling on the point of the missing lymph node. It’s also not recommended for deep vein thrombosis or active cancer.


Visit a Chiropractor in Shelbyville, KY, for Therapeutic Tape Therapy  

If you’re tired of chronic pain and inflammation, then it’s time to get therapeutic tape therapy. It’s extremely effective for everyone to live a better life. It’s non-invasive and does not require any downtime either. You can wear the tape throughout the day, even while showering.

We’ve years of experience in offering the best treatment to our patients. We’re talented chiropractors in Shelbyville, KY, for your help. We offer advanced chiropractic care services in Kentucky so that you can live a pain-free life.

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