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Health Benefits of Aqua Massage Therapy

Unlike other therapies, aqua massage uses heated water for a rejuvenating muscle-relaxing experience. In chiropractic practices, hydrotherapy or aqua massage therapy is performed to help recover from and rehabilitate lasting trauma or serious injury. It’s an exercise that uses warm water for patients experiencing musculoskeletal conditions.


Who Should Opt for Aqua Therapy?

Our chiropractic care service in Kentucky insists that patients with arthritis, chronic muscle pain and depression should opt for this treatment. Some other conditions it can help include:

  • Sports and trauma-related injuries
  • Sciatic pain
  • Knee, hip, and ankle injuries

Some known benefits of aqua therapy include:


1. Pain Relief

Research corroborates that aqua therapy relieves muscle pain. The treatment can be used as an alternative or as an additional therapy to outpatient therapies. Its primary goals are:

  • To improve joint movement
  • To reduce pain
  • To promote muscle relaxation

2. Helps the Body Relax

The major factor that contributes to body relaxation is the water’s buoyancy. The water’s upthrust propels it in the other direction. When the body’s weight equals the weight of displaced water, a state of equilibrium is attained. This eases muscular tension and helps a patient relax.


3. Mood Improvement

The most prominent advantage of aqua massage therapy is instant relaxation. In many cases, it even helps reduce anxiety and relaxation. Studies also report that people with rheumatoid arthritis found the therapy offered quick pain relief and improved their mood.

4. Post-Workout Relief

Evidence shows that general aqua massage therapy helps in pain management. This is why gyms and fitness centers have aqua massage tables. The massage does wonders for post-workout fatigue and aches.

However, our Kentucky chiropractic experts don’t recommend this treatment to people with fractured bones and joint dislocations.


 therapist massaging a man's foot


5. Better Blood Circulation

Another leading advantage of massage therapy is improved blood circulation. The cold water used in hydrotherapy can increase blood flow. You can inquire about aqua massage with cold water at our chiropractic center in KY.


Things to be Careful About in Aqua Therapy

  • Make sure the water is not too hot for the skin.
  • Check if the therapy worsens any skin rashes or eczema symptoms.
  • Persons with osteoporosis may not find the therapy comforting.
  • Check for developing bruises after every session. Halt the therapy in case your body shows any.


A Reliable Facility for Aqua Massage Therapy

At Shelby County Chiropractic, we offer effective chiropractic therapies to people in and around Shelbyville, KY. Apart from being affordable, our services are fast and effective. Our chiropractic physical therapies include aqua massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and electrical stimulation, among others. To learn more about our services, call 5026331073.