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Treat a Headache without Aspirin

Treat a Headache without Aspirin

Headaches are extremely discomforting, affect our productivity and make us feel irritated. It’s one of the most common yet neglected issues and is often resolved by taking a pain killer. But taking a pill every time your head starts pounding, isn’t an effective solution. Medicines have their own side-effects. If you’re looking for a safe method to treat recurring headaches, chiropractic procedures are a great solution.

Research shows that chiropractic treatments have shown positive outcomes for tension headaches and headaches that start from the neck. Here are some treatments to help you prevent a headache with the help of chiropractic adjustment.

Spinal Manipulation:

Spinal Manipulation

This therapy is specially designed to cure Cervicogenic headaches, which affect only one side of the head. This type of pain originates at the back of the neck and gradually moves to the front. The procedure is performed by a well-trained chiropractor. The procedure involves the application of controlled pressure to specific areas of the cervical spine. Your chiropractor might use their hands or a machine to carry out the treatment.

Joint Mobilization:

As the name suggests, joint mobilization helps your skeletal joints to move without any resistance. It’s a manual therapy that’s also effective for Cervicogenic headaches. It helps improve movement in the upper spine and helps reduce the pain.

Deep Neck Flexion Exercises

Deep Neck Flexion Exercises:

This exercise helps relax the neck muscles by moving them carefully under the supervision of a qualified chiropractor. Deep neck flexion exercises are also targeted to relieve headaches starting from the neck area. A simple version of this exercise includes nodding and turning the head. It strengthens the neck flexors and helps improve posture. Easy exercises can be performed at home; however, one must consult a trained chiropractor for advanced exercises.

Low-Load Craniocervical Mobilization:

This procedure requires less force than spinal manipulation and helps to alleviate pressure from the neck, shoulders, or head. The treatment focuses on tension headaches that occur as a result of muscle tension. Gentle force is applied to the neck muscles, allowing them to relax and move actively.

Multidisciplinary Care Intervention:

This is a great method to deal with migraines. Multidisciplinary care intervention includes various treatments such as physical exercises, relaxation training and stress management to decrease the effects of migraine. It also reduces the frequency of headaches over time.

Let our experts find the right chiropractic treatment for you. Contact Shelby County Chiropractic to get the best chiropractic treatment for headaches in Shelby, KY. We provide a wide range of safe and painless treatments.

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