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Pain Management

Pain Management 101 : Chiropractic Vs Drugs and Surgeries?

One way or the other, all of us have experienced some kind of pain at a certain point in our lives. For some, the pain is sudden and throbbing. For the rest, it can be mild and consistent for a long time. Pain can either stem as a result of tiredness, stress or being overworked. It could also be indicative of an underlying disease or more concerning health condition.

One of the most ways used by individuals to treat pain is through the use of opioids and over-the-counter pills. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discourages this. Simply because 91 Americans die every day because of opiate overdoses!

In this post, we will discuss why we don’t recommend drugs and surgeries and how other alternatives like chiropractic fare:


Long term benefit

OTC painkillers only temporarily block the pain signals and provide short-term relief. Let’s talk about chronic back pain. Around 80% of adults deal with this sort of pain every day. The cause is simply a musculoskeletal disorder. This pain takes place either when there’s an injury in one the spinal discs, improper movement of the joints or compression of nerves. In such a case, opiates would either reduce inflammation to a certain extent or reduce the pain sensation. The underlying cause would remain unaddressed.

Chiropractic techniques, on the other hand, realign the spine and the joints to revert them to their original position. In short, it manipulates the spine to improve its functionality. This brings about longer-term relief, compared to drugs.

Since we are comparing chiropractic and drugs, it’s also important to know that unlike drugs, chiropractic is not an oral treatment. Hence, there is no risk of overdose, addiction, or dependency.


Chiropractic doesn’t require you to get under the knife. The treatment is manual and the only tools used are the practitioner’s hands. There is no need for local anesthesia and no syringes involved. You won’t even have to get blood tests done. Unlike a doctor’s clinic, the practitioner’s facility is less-intimidating and more relaxing.

Since the practitioner doesn’t need to make any incisions or conduct surgery, there is no downtime. You can get back to work almost immediately after the treatment. On the whole, chiropractic carries fewer risk factors compared to surgical treatments.

Always consult a medical expert before seeking any alternative healthcare treatment like Chiropractic. If you’re looking for the right service in Shelbyville, look no further than Shelby County Chiropractic by Dr. James Stapleton DC. Get in touch if you wish to learn more.