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Your Sleeping Position May Be The Reason for Your Chronic Back Pain

Studies have shown that Americans who considered their quality of life was good, slept around 18–23 minutes longer than those who ranked their quality of life and health as poor.

One of the main causes of insomnia and restlessness is back pain. Back pain not only makes getting through the day extremely hard, but also disrupts your sleeping pattern.

If back pain is preventing you from dozing off and getting a good night’s sleep, it might be due to an improper sleeping position.

Your Spine is Not in Neutral Position

If your spine isn’t supported properly while you’re sleeping, your back will start to hurt. Along with your spine, your back, shoulder blades, tailbone and heels need to be properly supported by the surface of the mattress as well.

A well-made foam or inner-spring mattress ensures that these pressure points are properly supported with a soft and comfortable surface throughout the night.

You’re Not Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the optimal position. It evenly distributes the weight of your body, ensuring your internal organs are properly aligned and the pressure points on your back are minimized.

On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach is the worst position. It leaves the neck in an unnatural position and causes pain in the neck and spinal cord.

You’re Not Using Alternate Sides

Sleeping on one side for the entire night can cause back pain and muscle imbalance since the center of your body gets suspended between your shoulders and hips.

If you tend to sleep on your side, make sure to change sides throughout the night, or place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine, pelvis and hips aligned.


You’re Not Using a Pillow

Whichever position you choose to sleep in, always make sure to use a pillow. Place the pillow beneath your neck and head, but not under your shoulders.

While sleeping on your back, make sure the space between the mattress and your neck is supported by the pillow, so your spine remains in a neutral position. Also, use a thicker pillow, if you mostly sleep on your side.

Use Support According to Your Body Type

The type of mattress you should use mainly depends on your body type. If you have wider hips than the waist, you should use a softer mattress to ensure that the width of your pelvic bone is accommodated by the mattress and your spine stays neutral.

However, if your waist and hips are in a straight line—a rectangular body shape—you need a mattress with a rigid surface for better support.


Monitor your sleeping position every night to prevent chronic back pain. However, if the pain in your back persists get it checked by a chiropractor.

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