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Health Update: Do Joint and Muscle Aches Get Worse During Winters?

The cold seasons and chilly breeze is often associated with aches in seniors, specifically in the joints and muscles. A recent research study found that older males and females exhibited symptoms of elevated pain in winter. In this research patients struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis were mainly focused.

For those not struggling with any such musculoskeletal conditions, experiencing aches in cold weather may be because of fluctuations in diet and physical activities.

Read on to have a full understanding about how cold can increase the pain in various parts of the body.

How Does Winter Season Affect Muscles and Joints?

Several studies have studied the connection between cold season and pain in the joints. Those studies have found that external factors like shifts in temperature, air pressure, humidity levels, and sunshine have affects on pain.

Other internal factors like regular exercise, behavior, mood and intake of nutrition also impact the severity of pain. Some of the research work has theorized that atmospheric pressure may have the biggest impact on pain. It’s because the joints consist of different types of gasses and fluids within them, and a reduction in the atmospheric pressure results in their expansion. This expansion exerts pressure on the nerves causing discomfort and pain in the joints of knees, buttocks, arms, and other body parts.

How to Prevent Aches in Winter?

Here are some preventive measures to take if you want to get rid of muscle and joint pain during the cold season.

Regular Exercise


One of the major causes of joint pain is excessive weight—more than what your joints can bear. Regular exercise at home or getting enrolling yourself in a weight-management exercise program will help you shed those pounds off and reduce pressure off your joints.

Consumption of Vitamin D

While exercise begins to show its benefits gradually, it won’t do wonders on its own. A sufficient intake of Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining healthy joints and bones.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps you manage pain caused by extreme winters. It aligns your bones and muscles and effectively alleviates symptoms of several musculoskeletal conditions in children, adults, and seniors.

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