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Post-Surgical Pain: It’s More Than Just Physical Pain

After undergoing surgery, the pain you experience doesn’t just affect you physically; it also has an emotional toll.

Due to the incorporation of technology in the medical sciences, Dr. James Stapleton, a chiropractor atShelby County Chiropractic, says that patients now expect to experience instant relief from pain after undergoing surgical procedures.

This has led to a boost in demand—and over-consumption of—narcotic analgesics, which are addictive pain-relieving drugs. They are also known as opiates and opioids.

However, as studies reveal the side effects of opioids, the government is imposing limitations on them, and physicians are bound to follow these standards and regulations while giving out prescriptions.

Prescribing a pain reliever pill may seem like an effective way to manage pain, but there are some major implications of doing so.

No Medicine Works Like Magic


Most patients experience physical pain after undergoing a major surgery. Though the pain usually subsides over time, it’s essential for physicians to make patients aware of the severity and type of pain they should expect to experience after the procedure. They must also prescribe medications for pain relief that a) aren’t addictive and b) have minimum side effects.

According to Dr. G. Michael Deeb, a heart surgeon at Michigan Medicine, “There’s no magic pill.” He added that while opioids lead to temporary pain relief, they don’t eliminate the cause of the pain. As the effect of medicine begins to wear off, the patient will crave more, putting them at risk of addiction—a life-threatening hazard.

Even the consumption of OTC (over-the-counter) drugs may put you at risk.For instance, over-usage of ibuprofen can lead to limited functionality in the kidneys and liver in the long run.

The best way to manage post-surgical pain and emotional distress, according to Deeb, is to find the right balance between “prescriptive and non-prescriptive measures.”


Finding the Right Balance With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments significantly improve your recovery after surgery, and help you transition to your daily life smoothly. Whether you went under the knife for knee, shoulder, ankle, spinal, or any other kind of surgery, chiropractic care can be helpful.

The spinal cord protects your nervous system. Any damage to the spine can irritate or compress the nerves, resulting in discomfort and pain in different parts of your body. Chiropractic care adjusts the area surrounding the surgical site, reducing pressure on the nerves.

If you or a loved one recently underwent surgery and struggling to find a natural solution for pain relief, get in touch with a renowned family chiropractic center Kentucky. Shelby County Chiropractic by Dr. James Stapleton, DC and Dr. William Yadon, DC, offers impeccable chiropractic services in Louisville using diversified techniques and advanced equipment.

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