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Visual representation of the shoulder pain caused by arthritis

Managing Arthritis Pain In Your Shoulders

Around 54 million adults suffer from arthritis in the United States. This condition is not only painful, but it can inhibit movement and negatively impact daily life too. Since there isn’t any cure for arthritis yet, people try various therapies to reduce inflammation in the joints and improve their range of motion.

Arthritis in the shoulders can manifest itself in many forms. Sometimes it causes stiffness, while other times it can cause weight loss or fever.

The most common types of arthritis that affect the shoulders are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. Our team can help diagnose and manage the kind of arthritis you suffer from.

Chiropractic adjustments

A common misconception is that chiropractic adjustments are only for back problems. However, your shoulders can move out of alignment after years of poor posture and overuse, leading to inflammation and pain in the joints. Chiropractic adjustments realign your shoulders to eliminate the cause of pain and stiffness. If you’re apprehensive about visiting a chiropractor, you should know that chiropractic patients are more satisfied with the treatment they receive compared to other forms of medical care.

Exercises for your posture

Poor posture puts a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulders. Whether you’re slouched over while working, using your phone, or reading a book, being in that position for prolonged periods can lead to aches and pains.

Regularly exercising your back muscles can help protect you from spine and shoulder pain. Since shoulder pain has the potential to limit your range of motion, you should visit a trusted chiropractor to help you out.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

This might not be the first thought that crosses your mind when you experience arthritic pain. However, vitamins and minerals play an important role in our bodies. They fight off oxidative stress, keeping your muscles and joints healthy.

If your job is stressful, you work long hours, or if you have a poor diet, you might develop deficiencies that can lead to health concerns. Physician-grade supplements can strengthen your bones, reduce inflammation, and pain in your joints. Always speak to a professional before starting off any supplements.

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