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Hydromassage Therapy: A Quick and Efficient Way to Relieve Muscle Aches

Hydromassage is a therapeutic technique that uses powerful jets that spurt out water to loosen muscles while effectively massaging them. It’s also known as aqua therapy, water therapy, and hydrotherapy. A hydromassage can decrease muscle soreness, and it can also alleviate pain and help you sleep better.

Family chiropractic clinics often have the necessary arrangements for a hydromassage. Read this piece to learn how hydromassage therapy is performed and the benefits of getting it.


How Is Hydromassage Therapy Performed?

It’s usually performed with the help of a machine—a water body—that contains jets and regulates the temperature. People are required to wear bathing suits before lying down or sitting in the water.

However, there’s another method for this therapy. A dry hydromassage requires the person getting the hydromassage to lie flat on a table that is pre-fitted with a water-filled mattress. The jets inside allow the person to feel the pressure and warmth without getting undressed. But the additional soothing sensation that water produces is lacking in this option.


Benefits Of Hydromassage

Hydromassages are as effective as traditional massages. Here are some amazing benefits of this aqua therapy:


1. Relaxation and Improved Mood

It promotes a sense of relaxation and reduces anxiety. It’s also extremely beneficial for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Massage promotes cell generation and even relaxes people who suffer from anxiety and depression.


2. Pain Relief

Studies show that massage therapy helps get rid of chronic pain, and the powerful water jets used in aqua therapy specifically target sore areas to relieve pain. During a hydromassage, the water temperature remains warm, which is naturally soothing and aids in relieving pain. They are especially beneficial for people who suffer from chronic inflammation and joint pain.

 A woman uses gua sha while sitting in a tub


3. Sleep Issues

People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders need to try aqua therapy. Water has a naturally calming effect on the human mind, which soothes nerves and creates an environment that puts the person to sleep easily. It’s also good for people who stay up at night due to muscle aches.


4. Toxin Release

Water creates pressure around muscles that helps them release toxins and softens the tension effectively. The massage also promotes blood circulation, resulting in efficient waste removal and better skin.


5. Improved circulation

In aqua therapies, water jets target aching muscles specifically. This results in better circulation and unknotting of the affected muscles. Athletes are especially partial to this therapy because their work causes intense muscle pains and joint aches.


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