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How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help With Depression

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help With Depression?

Around 17.3 million adults in the U.S.—7.1% of the entire adult population in the country—have gone through a major depressive phase in 2018. Seeing a psychologist and psychotherapist are recommended ways to better manage depression.

If you’re seeking professional help to manage your symptoms, alongside taking the prescribed medication, a physical therapy like chiropractic and body massage might also be helpful for you.

There is a strong link between depression and soreness of muscles in the body and/or misalignment of the spinal cord. We all know that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance inside the brain, the center of our nervous system.

We recommend chiropractic as a complementary treatment to manage the symptoms of depression. Chiropractors make sure that you are not experiencing any kind of discomfort during the treatment and that the adjustment methods are helping you relax. This might work well with people who suffer from depression, helping them relax physically and mentally.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Impact The Brain?

Cerebellum, a part of the brain located at the base of the skull, is responsible for dealing with posture, coordination, balance and speech. It also administers movements, emotions and a person’s thought process. Adjustments made around cerebellum through chiropractic treatment have a huge impact on other parts of the body, contributing to its wellbeing.

Adjustments Made On the Spinal Cord

Chiropractic makes a huge difference in a person’s mental wellbeing by focusing on the nervous system.

Chronic pain in the shoulder blades and around the spinal cord is strongly linked to the severity of depression. Hence, when chiropractic adjustments are made around the spinal cord, the center of your nervous system alongside your brain, it relieves the body of pain and stress.

How Is Your Spinal Cord Affecting Your Mental Health?

A misaligned spinal cord can interfere with your mobility, mental health and overall performance. A poorly positioned vertebra interrupts and alters the communication between the person’s brain and the body, making them experience depressive episodes.

The doctors refer to this interruption as subluxations. This can cause disruptions in the central nervous system resulting in a chemical imbalance and increased blood pressure.

Subluxations can cause extensive damage to the nervous system without showing any signs of pain or any other symptom.

Chiropractic treatment and adjustments may be helpful to you if you go through depressive episodes. If you are seeking professional help for your mental health, chiropractic treatment might help you with any physical pain that your stress or depression has caused.

The experts at Shelby County Chiropractic, based in Shelbyville, Louisville, KY, provide a holistic experience of chiropractic treatment and adjustments.

Our founders, Dr. James Stapleton DC and Dr. William Yadon DC believe in making sure that the team understands your medical history and your mental wellbeing before recommending any of our available treatments to you. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment!

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