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Aqua Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Massage therapy and warm water immersion have long been used to reduce muscle and joint pain, as well as to improve overall health. Aqua massage combines these pain-relieving treatments to give a variety of added benefits.

So, if your muscles feel tight and if your back or shoulders are aching, but you can’t seem to take hours out of your busy schedule, then aqua massage therapy is the best treatment for you.

What is Aqua Massage?

An aqua massage bed looks like a tanning bed. You lie on the bed, while remaining fully clothed and around 36 jets of water are released across your body. 17 pounds of pressure is applied to your aching muscles and joints. The jets are also positioned to concentrate on certain pressure points on the body.

Unlike a traditional massage, aqua massage only lasts about 10–20 minutes.

Benefits of Aqua Massage

Aqua massage has gained a lot of popularity due to its benefits, especially among sports teams, gym enthusiasts and health professionals.

Stress Relief

Aqua massage helps reduce mental stress and physical tension. When your body is immersed in warm water, it reduces the production of cortisol and other stress-inducing hormones.

According to a study conducted by Washington State University’s Bruce Becker, M.D, soaking in a tub for 25 minutes, with water at 102 degrees Fahrenheit, decreased anxiety and promoted relaxation.

Improved Sleep

Aqua therapy promotes restful sleep and reduces insomnia. During the therapy, the internal temperature of the body rises and then drops once the treatment is over. As the temperature drops, the body becomes ready for sleep.

Aqua therapy also reduces pain in the muscles and joints that cause night-time discomfort.

Pain Relief

Aqua massage relieves various types of pain in the body. It helps knead away tension in the muscles, reduces joint pain and supports the whole body. It also reduces pain caused by sore muscles, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Water improves the blood circulation in the body, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscle tissues more effectively.

Improved Skin

Aqua therapy improves blood circulation in the body, leading to healthy and glowing skin. Aqua massage effectively reduces abnormal pigmentation, redness, scaring and inflammation on the skin, especially among burn patients.

Aqua massage therapy helps you relax and relieves pain from your aching muscles and joints in a few minutes.

If you’re looking for chiropractic treatment with aqua therapy in Shelbyville and chiropractic treatment Louisville, KY, get in touch Shelby County Chiropractic.

The practice is led by Dr. James Stapleton DC and Dr. William Yadon DC who use aqua therapy and other physical therapy treatments to relieve muscle and joint pain. Give them a call at 502-633-1073 and book your appointment today.

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