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Decompression Therapy: What Is It and How It Can Help You

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is one of the most prevalent medical complaints, affecting up to 80% of adults at some point in their lives.

Decompression therapy, or spinal decompression, is a non-surgical, safe chiropractic treatment method for alleviating pain by removing pressure from the spine and other associated structures, thereby facilitating recovery. Decompression therapy has numerous benefits and has been used for decades to treat back pain.

Dr. James Stapleton, DC, at Shelby County Chiropractic in Kentucky, has been using decompression therapy to help people dealing with lower back pain issues.

But what is decompression therapy exactly? And how is it helpful? Well, let’s find out.

How Does Decompression Therapy Work?

To perform decompression therapy, a particular table or gadget is often used to gently lengthen the spine. After the patient has been safely fastened to the table, the chiropractor modifies the tool to focus on the precise location of the spine that needs attention.

A negative pressure is created by the table or gadget in the spinal discs with controlled traction or distraction forces.

This negative pressure, also called negative intradiscal pressure, aids in the retraction of discs, thereby reducing stress and strain on the spinal cord and nerves.

What are The Benefits of Decompression Therapy?

Several spinal illnesses and their associated indications respond well to decompression therapy. The benefits of decompression therapy also improve circulation to the discs, bringing much-needed oxygen, nutrients, and fluid to speed up the recovery process.

For instance, chiropractors use decompression therapy in the case of herniated discs that often cause discomfort, lack of feeling, and tingling. This method generates a vacuum, which pushes the herniated disc into its original place. This helps relieve the stress on the discs.

Moreover, chiropractors in Shelby, like Shelby County Chiropractic, use this option to treat bulging discs. It is achieved the same way as for herniated discs by reducing pressure, allowing the discs to pull back, and reducing the strain on the nerves. As a result, the individual feels less pain and can move about easily.

Compressed nerves in the lower back can lead to sciatica as well. This safe chiropractic therapy helps relieve sciatica symptoms such as leg pain, numbness, and buzzing by releasing pressure off the compressed nerves.

Apart from this, by increasing the distance between the vertebrae, decompression therapy also helps relieve the pain and discomfort associated with degenerative disc issues.

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Shelby County Chiropractor – Your Experienced Liberator From Back Pain

Due to the benefits of decompression therapy, Kentucky chiropractic experts use this method to help patients.

Dr. James Stapleton, DC, and his group at Shelby County Chiropractic treat back pain issues using decompression therapy and other advanced, personalized, and safe chiropractic therapies.

Back pain has the power to disrupt your daily routine easily. So, if you want to get rid of this excruciating issue, contact us today and let us help you out of this problem.