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Is It Bad to Crack your Back? Side Effects and Risk Factors

You may find it relaxing and satisfying to crack your back. Many people find the cracking sound relaxing.

While cracking your back once in a while isn’t harmful, doing it too frequently every day can lead to unfavorable consequences. Back cracking is safe, but only if it’s done the right way.

Here are some misconceptions, risk factors, and side effects associated with back popping.


Can I Get Arthritis By Cracking My Back?

The idea that cracking your joints, particularly your knuckles, can cause arthritis is one of the most widespread yet mistaken beliefs around this activity. However, there’s no such evidence backing this claim—neither does it enhance your risk of developing arthritis in later life nor cause arthritis.

However, if you pop your back on a daily basis or too often, it might indicate a more serious issue with your spine.


Is It Okay to Crack My Back During Pregnancy?

Back cracking is safe for pregnant moms as long as they’re cautious and doing it in the right way. It’s important to note that discomfort and pain during pregnancy are mostly because of the baby’s weight and movement.

This is why it’s safer and more effective to see treatment from a chiropractor who’s experienced in providing prenatal care. Also, remember that during pregnancy, your body releases a specific type of hormone called relaxin. This hormone improves the body’s flexibility and its capacity to stretch, both of which are useful during labor.

However, it may cause you to overstretch while attempting to crack your back on your own. Pregnancy discomfort can be managed in a number of ways, but the two most effective are prenatal yoga classes taught by qualified instructors and chiropractic therapy.


Strained Joint or Compressed Nerve

Cracking your back too often can put a lot of pressure on your spine. Doing it too frequently can lead to tightness and swelling in the joints, torn muscles, injured ligaments, and nerves.


Can I Develop A Slipped Disc When Cracking My Back?

Back cracking can cause irritation between the spinal discs and may push them in the wrong direction. Especially, if you have an existing injury in your spine, cracking your back may aggravate the symptoms.


Can I Hurt Myself By Cracking My Back Every Day?

Over time, it’s possible that cracking your back more than once every day could be detrimental to your health. Constant pain or discomfort before or after you manipulate your spine is a sign of a back issue that needs treatment. Do gentle stretches and exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and posture instead of cracking your back too often.

The need to crack your lower back regularly could be a sign of a more serious problem that needs to be checked out by a professional. If you find yourself constantly cracking your back, seeing a chiropractor can help you pinpoint the underlying cause(s) and, perhaps, provide a permanent solution. It could be as easy as just a few adjustments to your spine.


Shelbyville back pain treatment

If you’re experiencing back pain, having a professional chiropractor cracking your back will provide far more effective pain relief and relaxation than trying to do it on your own.

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